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The Walt Disney Company

A Dyslexia Business Case

Social  Intrapreneur Initiative

Dyslexia Business Case: CV

Designing From Dyslexia

A Business Case

1. Problem & Project

Dyslexia is a learning disability creating challenges in reading & spelling

  • impacting 15-20% of the population

  • thus the most common disability yet widely misunderstood & under-diagnosed

  • without early intervention, outcomes range from chronic struggles to failing out of society ​

Project Dysnie was born: a Disney Social Innovation Initiative aimed at Dyslexia Empowerment. through innovative products, inspiring content and Dyslexia community engagement.

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2. Approach & Results

Open Innovation approach, from conception via design thinking with experts and community, to co creating with partners,  leading to:

  • Dyslexia friendly books for children – from beginner to advanced readers – across multiple format including storybooks, audio novels and  innovative and enriched eBook tailored to needs to the delight of parents and their children ​

  • Disney Channel short & episodic content with Dyslexia story-line and characters 

  • Internship program for Dyslexic teens 

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3. Benefits to Company

  • Innovative & inclusive books beneficial to many,  reaching under-served consumers and creating additional revenue streams​

  • Original storytelling and wider representation ​

  • Positive media reaction and significant media value generated ​

  • Awareness both internally and externally, triggering discussions about broader learning disabilities impact on employees, parents​ & customers

  • Concrete deliverables – product and content – in line with diversity & inclusion mission and corporate responsibly values

  • Publishing partners expanding beyond Disney initiative to Education sector

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Dyslexia Business Case: Projects
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Dyslexia Business Case: Image
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