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Leveraging Dyslexia

Creating business and societal impact by establishing the building blocks of positive dyslexia and translating into economic growth.

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Reframing Dyslexia

A force to be reckoned with & a driver of business.

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The Building Blocks

Generate positive buzz


Leverage leading international Dyslexia research, reports, tools, organizations

Implicate local scientific community in Dyslexia Strengths research

Get local Dyslexia  organizations talking about the strengths


Empower the Vulnerable

Intersectionality runs deep


Assess prevalence within prisons/correctional institutions, and Dyslexic outcomes

Establish partnerships to facilitate widespread assessment and guidance

Cultivate Dyslexia Strengths


Rally Influential Dyslexics

Create snowball effect


Identify and recruit well-known local Dyslexics to become Ambassadors

Create a sense of pride around owing dyslexia, driving positive self esteem


Dyslexia @ Work

Inspire & mobilize


What Dyslexia is and why corporations need to know

A 360° program and strategy around levering dyslexia to drive growth and objectives

How to make workplace, products, and experiences Dyslexia friendly 

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Joan Bohan

Aspen Institute Fellow | Social Innovator | Dyslexia Advocate | Finance Pro

Founder DYSNIE, a Dyslexia Business Venture

6 years

  • Social Intrapreneur & Innovator

  • Dyslexia Friendly product, content and engagement across France, Belgium and the Netherlands 

  • Economic growth, Diversity & Inclusion business pioneer

Seasoned International Finance Executive

25 Years

  • Entertainment including, Film, Consumer Products, & Publishing Retail Sectors     

  • Leadership, Strategy, Business Development, Planning & Forecasting

  • EMEA Regional & Local Office roles

Positive Dyslexia Advocate & Influencer

10 Years

  • Parenting & Championing Dyslexic Franco-American son

  • International Corporate Awareness & Return on Dyslexia, Podcasts & Round tables (Disney, Total, EY, Business Fights Poverty, Innov8rs, Makesense, Spark News, FFDys, HOI Foundation)

  • WHOLE Steering Committee pushing Dyslexia big picture worldwide

  • Partner DYSLEXIC DISTRUPTORS, amplifying Dyslexic brainpower

Corporate Employers

France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, USA

  • Disney

  • Gaumont

  • KPMG

Educational Credentials

Business, Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Fellowships & Accelerators: The Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow I The Intrapreneur Lab @ Oxford 

  • Higher Education: University of Southern California I Stanford University Executive Education 

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An International Alliance

Together leveraging dyslexia

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Dyslexic Disruptors

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Dyslexia, Inc.

Paris, France

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Dyslexia food for thought.

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Dyslexics, friends & allies.

Dyslexia @ Work

It's a business opportunity.

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